dinsdag 29 juli 2008


The “QuiltersPalet” has started a “Little Quilts of Love” project for the Hagahospital in The Hague. Caroline Dijkerman delivered the first 14 quilts to the maternity ward on Thursday 17 july. (see the pictures on the webalbum)

Each year hundreds of children are born in the Haga-hospital. Not every mother gives birth to a healthy child. Sometimes the baby has already passed away in the uterus, or the baby dies during birth. The little quilts are not only for fully developed babies, but also for premature babies. Sometimes these babies aren’t even 500 gr.

The nursing staff offers the parents a little quilt of love. They can use to wrap it around their baby, or bury/ cremate it with the baby. Or as often happens, they can keep the quilt as a remembrance.
The meaning of the quilt is to sympathize with parents and family during a very sad period.

If you want to join us…
Sadly the Hagahospital needs yearly more than 100 quilts. Especially needed are quilts in the size of 12 inch x 12 inch (30cm x 30cm). Maybe you have some time and fabrics left, and you would like to make a “little quilt of love”. Every little quilt is very welcome. The quilts are given anonymous/nameless given to the Hospital.

Making a “little quilt of love” doesn’t take a lot of time. For the backing and batting you can use for example, “fleece”. You can get the backing and batting for free at the Quilterspalet, Weisenbruchstraat 3, Den Haag/The Hague.

From Tuesday until Saturday you also can deliver your “Little Quilts of Love” here.

More information/contact
Please mail/contact us Evy (info@quilterspalet.nl) or Caroline (caroline.dijkerman@gmail.com) or come along the Quiltshop.